Atoms in the Void (1 July 2011)

1 July 2011 § 2 Comments

Atoms in the Void is an occasional roundup of links and blurbs.

Pretend you’re on an airplane to get more done. If you use an iPhone or other smartphone, “Airplane Mode” is a great way to keep your phone from controlling your attention. This article from Marc Cortez discusses Airplane Mode and other tips.

Go from unnoticed to published in your field. Cal Newport’s brilliant article turns the vague and ominous world of research into a churning process that will help you achieve mastery.

The most popular philosophy blogs among readers of Leiter Reports. Winners include The Philosophy Smoker, which you should really check out.

I need to take the GRE right around the time it goes from an “old GRE” to a “new GRE.” Since one month isn’t enough time for me to study (the transition is at the beginning of August), I will have studied for the “old GRE,” will take the “new GRE,” and statistically won’t do very well.

Philosopher’s Carnival #127 was posted a while back. PC is a roundup of high-quality blog posts in philosophy, organized by topic.

The anatomy of intentional action. As an armchair philosopher, I don’t think “experimental philosophy” is philosophical. But it’s interesting.


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